Multiple intelligence teacher adult esl students

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Make sure the blindfold is on before you mark the path with masking tape on the floor. The ability to use numbers effectively and reason well. MI theory maintains that all humans possess at least eight different intelligences that represent a variety of ways to learn and demonstrate understanding. In this activity, they are given specific instructions regarding what to observe and afterward they work on their journals to write down all the information. Learning Activities and Project Ideas Writing reflective papers on content-area topics Writing essays from the perspective of historical figures, such as Civil War soldiers or suffragettes Writing a literary autobiography, reflecting on their reading life Writing goals for the future and planning ways to achieve them Using software that allows them to work alone, such as Decisions, Decisions, a personal choice software; or the Perfect Career, a career choice software Keeping journals or logs throughout the year Making a scrapbook for their poems, papers, and reflections Naturalistic Intelligence Nature Smart Description: For bodily — kinesthetic learners, you might have them position themselves in a circle at the numbers of a clock to tell the time with arms, feet, legs and body placements. In this activity students stand in a circle and toss a ball to another student to ask them a question.

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They have a well-developed ability to reason and are good at chess and computer programming.

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Checklist: Learning Activities That Connect With Multiple Intelligences

Because of its highly effective manner and level of effectiveness in achieving results in virtually all types of learners in a broad range of subjects and themes, including the way we teach English as a second language. Teaching and learning languages through multiple intelligences. Christison a has developed an inventory to identify the preferred intelligences of adult English language learners. Students' increased engagement and success in learning stimulates teachers to raise their expectations, initiating a powerful expectation-response cycle that can lead to greater achievement levels for all. It is an enjoyable activity that requires good communication and precise movements, so bodily-kinesthetic, verbal-linguistic and interpersonal intelligences will feel right at home. Not only are ESL and EFL extensively taught worldwide, but the methods by which they are taught are likewise numerous and varied. Learners are asked to respond to six statements about each of eight intelligences.

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multiple intelligence teacher adult esl students
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multiple intelligence teacher adult esl students
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