Online Health Tips – 7 Great Tips to Remain Fit

The article is going to provide Online Health Tips that you can use in your every day life to remain fit and fine. So read the article carefully to know the secret behind health.

* Drink water at least 2lires: drink water slowly rather than having two glasses at the same time. Drink before you feel thirsty because thirsty bodies indicate dehydration. Tea, coffee, soft drinks do no count in water intake. You can have a glass of water with a bit of lemon early in the morning to remove the toxins from your body.

* Exercise three times a week: you can choose an outdoor game or any other activity that you enjoy to workout. You can go for swimming, dancing, tennis or even gym. Join a group or a club that can help you to stick to plan. Make it a habit to take out some time for your body.

* Eat a healthy Breakfast: we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast helps to start the metabolism of your body after a long sleep. Breakfast can be a bit heavy but if you don’t eat heavy breakfast then go for some fruit salad and yoghurt.

* Eat more greens: the dinner should have a lot of green vegetables and salad. Green vegetables have lot of antioxidants that keep your body healthy and also make you look younger.

* All things should be in moderation: don’t think that if you want to have a healthy life you can’t have a burger or a glass of wine. If you take these things in moderation and workout to remove those extra calories, there isn’t any harm in having them. Minimize the use of sugar, salt and saturated fats.

* Go for regular health checkups: you should for a complete body checkup every 6 months. This will help to determine if there is any ailment in your body. Early detection can help you to get it cured early.

* Sleep and Relaxation: a good sleep of minimum 7 hours is good for health. This helps in your body’s rejuvenation and improves your immune system. You can also do some yoga or meditation in day for relaxing. This can also help to reduce your body stress.

Viagra as Recreational Drug?

Alarming reports are coming in from different sections of the society on the use of Viagra as a recreational or party drug. Viagra has become a hot commodity among the young crowd ditto the high schools and colleges. It is an issue that needs immediate considerations on the part of Pfizer, the manufacturer of Viagra, the educators and the parents too. Viagra as a coming of age drug to indulge in excessive bouts of sexual play would have far reaching consequences pertaining to the society that would dwarf the physical side effects of Viagra.

A recent study found out that the number of man below 45 using Viagra has been increasing at a rapid pace. It is shocking to learn that in a matter of four years, the number of men under 45 taking Viagra has almost doubled up. And the most surprising or rather sickening trend is that almost three-fourth of the users bought Viagra without any prescription from physicians. Viagra may become a subject (pill) of mass violation, if this alarming habit is not weeded out at the earliest.

What makes Viagra so hot with the party crowd? This question needs serious contemplation considering the ever-increasing tide of Viagra users. Viagra as a sex-enhancing drug has charmed its way to occupy a permanent place in the lives of the hard party going crowd. Booze flow like river and illegal party drugs like ecstasy hold sway in every party, teenage or otherwise. With most of these substances lessening their sexual appetite and sometimes even failing to give them an erection, Viagra is looked upon as a heavenly aphrodisiac. Viagra can give them the erection when it matters most.

The famed blue pill has no competition when it comes to timely erection in the midst of a wild cocktail party. It is times like this that test the frail resolve of man to the maximum. The effect of Viagra may lead them to take unwise steps. With the sexual energy activated as in a raging bull, man goes for the lay, leaving the cautions of unsafe sex miles behind. Without any protective measures, he spreads his seeds, leaving him with a high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS and genital herpes.

Other than the sexually transmitted diseases, there are other worries to worry about. With the huge number of teenage users, unsafe and unwanted pregnancies are prone to hit the social scene. Many old users of Viagra may unknowingly mix other nitroglycerin heart medicines with the impotency pill that can lead to other health complications. In fact these are issues that needs to be handled with great care and caution.

A survey of the regular club goers in England showed sildenafil (Viagra) is used both inside the clubs and at homes. The users had only positive effects to tell, like enhanced sexual desire and lovemaking and feelings of warmth. Fewer than half reported negative effects like headaches, pain in the genitals and inebriation. And all of them agree on one fact that they would take the drug again, which had been obtained from many sources: friends, dealers, sex shops, and the Internet.

Viagra is the most effective pill that can effectively take care of all your problems relating to erectile dysfunction. It can boost up your sagging spirit and add life to your moments of sex. But it will be unwise to misuse it without the knowledge and proper information about the ins and outs of the drug. The benefits of Viagra must be utilized but in the correct context with the right spirit.

Useful Health Tips – Anti-Obesity Surgery

In this article, Useful Health Tips will look Anti-obesity surgery

1. What is obesity?

2. What are the diseases associated with obesity?

3. What is anti-obesity surgery?

4. Who should have anti-obesity surgery?

5. Is it effective?

6. What are the surgical options?

7. What are the risks and side effects?

8. What can be done to avoid?

Now Useful Health Tips will discuss each item.

1. What is obesity?

Obese individuals have Body Mass Index exceeding 30.

2. What are the diseases associated with obesity?

Obesity is associated with many serious diseases, including:

” Type 2 diabetes

” Cardiovascular diseases

” Certain kind of cancer

” Sleep Apnea

” Thyroid problem

” Osteoarthritis

3. What is anti-obesity surgery?

Anti-obesity is a surgical procedure used to alter the passage of food into the stomachs and through the small intestines – the stomach size is reduced and a segment of the small intestines is bypassed.

As a result, the patient will not be able to eat the same volume as before. Patients eating too quickly or too much will result in vomiting due to shortened digestive canal. Shortening the length of the intestine also reduces nutrients from being absorbed into the body.

4. Who should have anti-obesity surgery?

Anti-obesity surgery is a very radical method of weight loss. It must be the method of last resort because it involves the permanent alteration to the body’s own digestive system. Prior to the surgery being undertaken, patients must be carefully screened; they must agree to modify their dietary habits permanently for the rest of their lives.

For some seriously or morbidly obese people, anti-obesity surgery offers them their best, or perhaps the only chance of lasting weight loss.

5. Is it effective?

In a Swedish study in 1987 called Swedish Obesity Subjects study (SOS study), 4,000 people divided into 2,000 pairs were studied. The objective was to match 2,000 people who had surgery with 2,000 who did not. Each pair was monitored for 10 years. Surgical patients achieved better results in reductions in weight, diabetes and hypertension. But there were comments the study may not be 100% conclusive; different patients had different motivations. Moreover, there were many incidences of re-surgery.

6. What are the surgical options?

” ‘Malabsorptive’ procedure that involves passing segments of small intestines

” Gastric bypass

” Vertical banded gastroplasty

” ‘Roux-en-Y’ gastric bypass

” Laparoscopically adjustable gastric band

7. What are the risks and side effects?

” Death. Statistically, the patient’s age, BMI, presence of associated diseases or not will have a bearing on the mortality rate. It can be anything up to 4%

” Formation of gallstone.

” The possibility of the requirement of re-surgery

” Vitamin B12 deficiency

” Incisional hernia

” Depression

” Staple-line failure

” Gastritis

” Inflamed gallbladder

” Dehydration

” Malnutrition

” Dilated pouch

8. What can be done to avoid?

There is a lot that can be done before the stage is reached where anti-obesity surgery becomes a method last resort. Some useful health tips to be considered:

” Diet: read a good book to get useful health tips on how to have a healthy and balanced diet

” Exercise: get useful health tips on how to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and do regular exercises

” Join a weight loss program: Just remember not all programs are what they claim. Programs should not be overly expensive, should not require you to starve or work yourself to death with some crazy equipment, and should not require you to consume some secret pills or potions. Above all, it should come with a money back guarantee.

P.S. Anti-obesity surgery is a very radical method of weight loss. You must always consult your doctor to understand its full implication.

Direct Email Marketing Of Viagra

For any person who uses the internet and email on a regular basis, the spectre of direct email marketing looms large. The vast majority of this form of advertising is classified as spam and is discarded without any further thought being paid to it. One of the groups of products most commonly advertised in these emails is impotence medication. In particular, Viagra, since its name and purpose is typically best known among potential consumers. The emails are not however linked to the Viagra manufactured by Pfizer; generic Viagra is often the product, as is Cialis or Levitra.

The way in which these products are marketed can differ greatly from email to email, depending on the campaign, the promoter and the assumed audience for the marketing material. Unfortunately, while advertising for something like generic Viagra can vary greatly from product to product, it doesn’t often vary. In fact the largest amounts of emails come in one of two forms. The effectiveness of the different forms is debatable, regardless of whether they are compared to each other or any other product advertised through that medium.

The first group of Viagra advertisement emails is composed of those emails which play to a man’s insecurity and vanity. These emails often appear to advocate the use of Viagra or generic versions for situations other than those that Viagra or similar medications would be used for. The majority of emails try to push people who can function perfectly well, sexually, without the drugs to use them anyway. Often a selling point seems to be an alteration in the dimensions of male sexual organs. This can give people false expectations of what will happen if they had make use of Viagra or a generic equivalent.

The second group is one that really deserves to be called spam and that is the one where random sentences and phrases are thrown together to give the impression of interesting content in the email. This then takes people directly into an advertisement for the Viagra, or range of different products that offer similar functions. Before opening, the email can look legitimate as they often seem to be from actual people rather than spam generators. This can lull people into opening them, only to discover the truth. This would not be so bad if so many Viagra emails seem to be accompanied by Trojans or viruses which attack a person’s pc. This is not a reflection of the product being sold, but tarnishes the reputation of the product none the less.

5 Quick Health Tips That Your Body Will Thank You For

Many of us live very fast paced lives that we never seem to have the time to stop and think about whether we are looking after our health properly. If you are the sort of person who never seems to have enough time then the following 5 quick health tips will help you.

Tip 1: Start the morning with a short 5 minute breathing exercise. You can do this standing or lying down. The key thing is to breathe deeply to the pit of your stomach to a count of 7. Then release quickly for a count of 4.

Tip 2: Following your breathing exercise drink a glass of warm filtered water and include a slice of lemon if you have it. This will help to cleanse and lubricate your digestive system. Have another glass of warm water in the evening time.

Tip 3: Eating a meal when you are stressed out or when you’re on the move is a fast track to indigestion. You will not be able to digest your food properly. Therefore, acquire the habit of finding a quiet place to sit down, relax and enjoy your meal in peace.

Tip 4: Gandhi once said that you should drink your food. Meaning the food we eat should be digested in the mouth before it reaches the stomach. Many people do not take the time to chew their food properly. They swallow whole chunks of food which does nothing but put more stress on an already over worked digestive system. Chew your food slowly and savour every flavour of the food you eat. Chewing slowly has many benefits because it enables your digestive to get the maximum amount of nutrients out of your food. It also avoids the risk of undigested food getting trapped and bunging up your intestinal tracts where toxins can breed.

Tip 5: Eating food and drinking liquids that are either too hot or too cold can affect the balance of your body. Different temperatures that are extreme can weaken the functions of the organs such as the spleen. If you eat very hot food then you can actually burn the sensitive membrane on the surface of your mouth and stomach lining. Over time this can lead to serious health complications. Before you put any food or drink to your mouth make sure it is not too hot or cold before you swallow.