Black female fantaisa nude pics

Ciara and rihanna pls take note. Why can't yall enjoy the pictures without talking about her personal life? I don't care what kind of makeup, clothing, shoes, etc. I just like good music. Online Well alrighty then. I got to see her interact with her crew and be funny, entertaining and very sexy. Loved the two last ones.

Does anybody on this board knows the real deal between Fantasia and Antwaun?

Fantasia Barrino Ass Poppin' With Rasheeda

She needs to get it together in real life, though. It's all fine and dandy to walk around showing off the outfits her stylist put together but at the end of the day her fans want to hear music. I'm not jumping to conclusions about Fantasia and a married man. I want black women to be seen as respectful, courteous, leaders. The talent and the music and the numbers. She is beautiful and sexy in the video and it was a lot of fun to see creative artists hang out and have fun with their respective talents. You can even see they are bigger in the other shots

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