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Bulma sat up and slipped away from the bed, went to Goku and dropped to her knees. Bulma slipped out of her bikini and threw the swimsuit into the clothes hamper. Bulma and Vegeta entered Bulma's room. He came out of the bathroom and showed it to Chi Chi. Of course Goku probably wasn't feeling the same way, he was just innocent, wanting to spend time with Bulma however he could. She immediately averted her gaze, her cheeks as red as they could get now, her eyes wide as she just stared at the wall.

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Lifting her chin, Bulma fought keep her voice steady as she answered, "You.

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5 Times Dragon Ball Censorship Was Truly Bizarre

Raising his hand, he positioned it to smack the wall and tell her to shut up. The Second Day 3. She then grabbed her bathrobe out of the closet and put it on, not caring to tie the belt. Bulma looked to him, frowning. It was wrong, especially since one of them was married and had a kid! Chi Chi wasn't satisfied and kept screaming until Goku shot an energy ball into the hole, vaporizing the creature, or so Chi Chi hoped.

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bulma naked in a bathtub
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bulma naked in a bathtub
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