Asian nonprofit associations in washington dc

Laotian American National Alliance The mission of the organization is to mobilize Laotian Americans by promoting social and economic advancement through civic participation and public policy advocacy. With more than a dozen full-time staff and a large base of volunteers, KAC provides a variety of direct and indirect services to the fast growing Korean-American communities across the nation. KAC has grown into a national organization with membership chapters in several cities along the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii and affiliate organizations on the East Coast. Follow us email facebook twitter linkedin rss. We envision a world where all people share responsibility and take action to ensure healthy and vibrant communities for current and future generations Contact Information: The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement CNHA is dedicated to capacity building and providing support services to agencies and organizations focused primarily on Native communities in Hawaii and the Pacific.

It sponsors charitable, educational, cultural, and emergency assistance projects to help improve the quality of lives of people in our communities.

Asian American Studies Program

ACRS provides a wide array of social and behavioral health services in a multicultural, multilingual setting. It serves as an interagency association, providing a focus for over thirty ethnically distinct groups from Asia and other Pacific regions. Way Seattle, WA Tel: South Asian Americans Leading Together. NAPABA represents the interests of over 40, attorneys and approximately 70 national, state, and local bar associations. HND seeks to empower the Hmong community to achieve prosperity and equality through education, research, policy advocacy and leadership development.

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