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Above this mountain lies another mountain, Dindymos; it rises into a single peak, and it has a temple of the Metros Theon Dindymene Dindymean Mother of the Godswhich was founded by the Argonauts. But a second disaster was destined to befall them. But when reports came that the Spartans in the city were marching to a man to the help of their countrymen at Leuktra, Epameinondas allowed his enemy to depart under a truce, saying that it would be better for the Boeotians to shift the war from Boeotia to Lacedaemon. The sanctuary of the Kabeiroi is some seven stades distant from this grove. I could not discover either to whom these temples were built. I know of no other works of Daidalos still in existence. Fierce bulls fall to the ground, victims to numberless, tearing female hands, and sturdy trees are torn up by the roots with their combined efforts.

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The younger men took some oxen from the stalls and began to drive them up the steep path to the top of Dindymon.

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On the peak of the mountain an altar has been prepared, which they make after the following way. When Philip died, and the kingship of Macedonia devolved on Alexander, the Thebans succeeded in destroying the garrison. The maenads have often been interpreted in art in this way. All those watching consider her witless. The outrageous acts became generally known; Makareus was arrested and tortured; he confessed to what he had done in the temple, and during the ordeal he expired. Its ancient history is confined to the following traditions. But towards the end of the next night, while Akastos and Mopsos watched over their comrades, who had long been fast asleep, a halcyon hovered over the head of Aison's son [Jason] an din its piping voice announced the end of the gales.

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